The Issues

Defending Our Conservative Values

Dane Eagle understands how important it is to defend the shared values of our community, and he has a proven record of standing up to the liberal elites who oppose our way of life. While career politicians simply talk about the problems facing our community, Dane is committed to obtaining results in Tallahassee and ensuring Southwest Florida remains a tremendous place to live, work and raise a family.

Protecting the 2nd Amendment

When it comes to our 2nd Amendment Rights, there is no greater defender than Dane Eagle. As long as Dane has served in the State Legislature, he has sponsored and fought for legislation to protect gun rights for every Floridian, including efforts to make Florida an Open Carry state.

Standing up for Life

Human life is precious. That's why Dane has fought for legislation which increases penalties for abortion clinics that improperly dispose of fetal remains, and he has advocated for harsher penalties for those who engage in criminal conduct that harms or injures an unborn child. Dane Eagle will always fight to defend the sanctity of life.

Fighting Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration poses a threat to both our national and economic security. Dane knows national security starts at our border. He supports President Trump’s plan to build the wall and has voted to ban Sanctuary Cities in Florida to keep our communities safe!

Cutting Taxes and Federal Regulations

Dane knows that the best way for our economy to thrive is for the government to get out of the way. During his time in office, Dane has supported $12.2 billion dollars in tax cuts and eliminated frivolous regulations to create jobs and empower the small businesses that make our communities great.

Reducing Wasteful Spending

Just like us, our State Government has to live within its means. Dane Eagle opposes wasteful government spending and fights every day to ensure your taxes are used appropriately.

Preserving Our Environment

Dane has led the effort to provide access to clean and safe water for every family in our community. He supported the Legacy Florida Act, advanced Everglades restoration projects, and helped to secure millions to build clean water pipelines to protect our community from harmful Lake Okeechobee discharges. Dane remains committed to restoring our water quality and protecting our beaches from Red Tide and other ecological disasters.

Increasing School Safety

Dane is committed to improving school safety, because nothing is more important than protecting our children. He has advocated for legislation which expands the availability of critical mental health services in our schools and ensures there is a resource officer at every school.

Improving Education

Families, not bureaucrats, should make the decision on where to send their children. Dane supported new laws expanding school choice and opposes any one-size fits all approach from the Federal Government to control our classrooms.

Serving Those That Serve Us

When it comes to caring for our veterans, Dane has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of care our nation’s heroes receive. Dane passed legislation to create a “Medal of Honor Day” in order to show our respect and appreciation for our Veterans, as well as the "GI BILL" which helped cement Florida’s reputation as one of the most Veteran friendly states in the country.